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Twiggs Money Flow Indicator – Installation Instructions For All Available Platforms

Below find video instructions on installing Twiggs Money Flow into you platform.

Each available platform has its own step-by-step installation lesson which will walk you through the process easily. Acorn Wealth does not use most of the platforms below so our assistance on the installation would be very limited.

If you do not see your platform below then we unfortunately do not have the Twiggs Money Flow Indicator programmed for it.

Twiggs Money Flow is available with any of their packages. Colin Twiggs inventor of Twiggs Money Flow owns Incredible Charts.

1. How To Install Twiggs Money Flow

ScreenCast Video

Twiggs Money Flow-


Installation Video:

Installation Video   Twiggs Money Flow Formula to copy into platform (V*(4*C-2*C1-H-L-ABS(H-C1)+ABS(L-C1)) /(H-L+ABS(H-C1)+ABS(L-C1) +0.000001))

  • Twiggs Money Flow is available as an add on Indicators. Be sure to use the one created by Chris Moody to be sure it is accurate.
  • The Smart Money Scans are not built into this platform but can be built manually using the criteria from Incredible Charts